April 30, 2020

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Thank you so much to everyone who joined our State of the Film & TV Production Industry Online discussion on April 15. We had a fantastic turnout, even having to increase our ticket limit, which shows us how eager we all are for connection, information, and group discussion. We plan to organize many more events such as this one in the future.

As Lacey Schwartz Delgado, filmmaker and panelist stated, “we are in this together, we are a community of creative people, and we want to figure out these solutions together”.

That’s what we’re working to do every day, with the help of our talented and hard working production partners and local community members. We know that there is a bright and exciting future for film production in the Hudson Valley and that we will make it through these times of uncertainty as a community.

New safety on set protocols are being developed each day, with creative minds working together to get us safely back on set as soon as possible. And while production has been on a necessary pause, as producer William Horberg, also a panelist, pointed out, “there is going to be a tremendous amount of pent up demand” once we do get back to work.

Now is our time to prepare for that future demand – to ensure we’re continuing to train crew for incoming production and to co-create an on set environment that is not only safe, but an improved version of what we had before.

While figuring out these logistics is a complex challenge, panelist and producer Peter Saraf, encourages us, “to rise to that challenge” as the human need for storytelling is imperative. As an imaginative and solution oriented industry, we are excited for the chapters ahead and for the stories yet to be told.

Stockade Works is in development for future in person trainings so that as soon as we safely make it past this pandemic and restrictions are lifted, we will be able to continue building and expanding our already solid, local crew base. In the meantime, when and where it makes sense to do so, we will be migrating some of our trainings to an online format. We really want to make sure, not only that everyone is remaining connected, but that we’re continuing our trainings in any way that we can, so that when we eventually have this great production boom, we’ll all be ready.

We look forward to hosting many more online events and discussions as we navigate our way through these changes and our industry recreates itself anew. Stay tuned for more!

Read the Full Online Discussion Transcript