Visual FX Salon with Visual Effects Supervisor John Nugent in conversation with Cassandra Del Viscio


Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Location: White Feather Farm, 1389 Rt 212, Saugerties, NY 12477

Registration fee: FREE


Stockade Works announces its “Meet the Professionals” Salon Series at White Feather Farm in Saugerties, NY. Pairing accomplished department heads from diverse backgrounds with moderators also working in the industry, the series will cover topics specific to certain areas of expertise in Film & Television, including cinematography, production design, costume design, editing, and visual FX. These informative learning and career awareness discussions will serve those already working in the industry as well as those looking to enter the workforce for Film/TV, a sector rapidly growing in the Hudson Valley. 




John Nugent: Visual Effects Supervisor


John P. Nugent is a Visual Effects Supervisor with 30 years of experience in feature film visual effects. John is also the founder of Sandbox FX, the award-winning visual effects company based in Columbia County and now celebrating its 20th year in business. John and his team most recently contributed a significant portion of the visual effects work for Creed III starring Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, and Jonathan Majors.

Born and raised in Lenox, Massachusetts, John earned a degree in fine art and began working as a technical illustrator before turning to computer graphics. In the 1990s John found himself on the ground floor of the digital film revolution and played lead roles in helping to develop and create the “Painted World” sequences for the film What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams as well as the groundbreaking visuals on The Matrix. Both films would go on to win the Academy Award Oscar for best visual effects.

In 1999 John moved his entire family to New Zealand to work with Peter Jackson on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 3 years later John returned to the Berkshires having struck a deal to work on the 3rd installment, The Return of the King from home. Thus, Sandbox FX was born. In the coming years Sandbox would create Visual Effects for The Chronicles of Narnia, Night at the Museum, Fantastic Four 2, Now You See Me, The Magnificent Seven, Death Wish with Bruce Willis, the latest installment of Child’s Play, Respect starring Jennifer Hudson, and many, many more.


Cassandra Del Viscio: Owner & Executive Producer, Edgeworx Studios

Cassandra Del Viscio is the owner and Executive Producer of Edgeworx Studios, a visual effects, animation, and motion graphics company that specializes in documentary features & television as well as independent film. Their clients include Warner Media and HBO, PBS/NOVA, Discovery, NBC Universal, History, Disney+, and National Geographic as well as many award-winning filmmakers. She proudly serves on the board of Stockade Works and is also a partner in Quality Pictures with Mary Stuart Masterson and Alexandra Brodsky.


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