2022 Set Building Workshop

August 9, 2022

“Stockade Works courses give you the practical, hands-on skills to take on any creative role on set and prepares you to deliver the highest caliber results on your shoot.”

-Candace R., Set Building Workshop Graduate

Hands-on experience is at the core of all Stockade Works trainings, and this was certainly the case for our 2022 Set Building Workshop. We believe that actually performing the tasks that will be required of you on set is the best way to prepare for a career in the tv and film production industry. 

This past June we had the pleasure of spending two long weekends with a fabulous group of aspiring Set Builders, Scenics, Set Dressers, Props and Art Department trainees. Alongside Sean Hawk and our team of highly experienced industry professionals, we watched as they learned the tools of the trade and built an actual set from the ground up. The art department is often the largest department on set, and the work opportunities within it are highly creative and diverse. We are so proud of our grads, who are now ready to craft their dreams into reality.

“This experience has offered my heart the hope of something I’ve dreamed of, but never would have thought possible” 

– Kimberly D., Set Building Workshop Graduate

Photo Captions for sequence below: 1) It all starts with a blueprint and a plan. 2) Walls are constructed and set in place. 3) Paints are mixed, walls are painted. 4) The structure is assembled. 5) The pieces come together to form a room. 6) Power tools are used to prep for windows and doors. 7) Attention to detail is integral when prepping the space. 8) Carpet is measured and laid out. 9) Set dressers discuss and decorate the interior. 10) The movie set is complete!

Photo Credit: Chuck Merrihew