2022 Boot Camp

May 30, 2022

“This program gave me confidence in myself that I never knew I had. I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to take my knowledge out on a real set.” 

– Jessica Q. , Stockade Works Boot Camp Graduate


A film set operates much like a machine. And when all crew members work harmoniously together, it operates like a well oiled machine, and magic can truly happen. There are so many interesting, creative, and technical positions available on a film set, that it is difficult to narrow it down and focus on just a few. For this reason, Stockade Works loves to host what we call Crew Boot Camp. This past May we held our 4th Crew Boot Camp to date, and the 3.5 day intensive readied our diverse group of trainees to walk on set with confidence. 

With highly productive, full length production-like days, Crew Boot Camp started with an overview of all on set departments. We then broke our group down into smaller rotating groups. Once each trainee got a chance to sample each department, we then had them choose a department to focus on for our mock shoot. Departments included: Camera, Grip, Electric, Art, Wardrobe, Sound, and Assistant Directing. After getting a feel for all of the options, and what each crew role actually entails, we shifted focus to our mock shoot, prep, and execution of this climactic wrap of the training. This boot camp took place at Upriver Studios, a large-scale, climate forward soundstage facility where HBO Max’s Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin recently shot its first season, so the energy of motion picture was certainly in the air!  

Under the guidance of our industry professional instructors, our boot camp trainees did an incredible job jumping into actual departmental roles and shooting several scenes from a pilot TV script, which was directed by Stockade Works founder Mary Stuart Masterson. Our group showed up willing and able to learn, and to tackle any issue as it came up on set. This kind of approach, and hands-on learning, leads to a seamless transition into employment. It is a pleasure to watch our grads learn, perform, and leave our Crew Boot Camp ready to work and to be a true asset to any production they work on.


“I would highly recommend the training programs at Stockade Works to anyone looking to learn about working in the industry.” 

– Becky C., Stockade Works Boot Camp Graduate

Photo Captions:

  1. The Art Department discusses the look of the set.
  2. The AD Department sets up walkies for the crew.
  3. Camera Crew learns about camera function.
  4. The grips work to set up gear for the scene.
  5. Electrics learn about different bulbs and color temperatures.
  6. Wardrobe department discusses costume options.
  7. Sound department gets familiar with booms and mics.
  8. Our director shares her vision.
  9. A walk through on set.

Photo Credit: Chuck Merrihew/Mike Sofokles