2021 Summer Boot Camp

October 8, 2021

“Stockade Works Boot Camp provided immersive training that has helped prepare me for work in the film and television industry. The instructors’ passion matched with the students’ enthusiasm made for an invaluable experience. In addition to gaining knowledge of each department, I identified how I can apply my past experience and pursue a fulfilling career working on productions in the Hudson Valley.”

-Michael Gallo, 2021 Summer Boot Camp Graduate


Stockade Works production intensive boot camp is back, and in person! 

After over a year of massive changes and reconfigurations within our industry, Stockade Works was able to get back to our primary role of training and mentoring Hudson Valley residents to work on local professional film and TV productions. While there were shifts and adjustments based on current on-set protocols, the summer 2021 boot camp training was built upon the fundamentals of production, preparing trainees with the insight, education, and first-hand experience to walk on set with confidence and ability. 

The script is written, the project is greenlit, the actors are cast, now what? 

Now it’s time for the crew to have the set. Taking place from August 26th to 29th in the Hudson Valley town of Kingston, this 3.5 day intensive covered an introduction to nearly every department typically found on set. The broad strokes then grew more specific, offering trainees the opportunity to explore the options, and then focus in on roles they felt most drawn to or interested in pursuing. 

We began with essential basics, such as how to read a call sheet (who, what, where, why and when, courtesy of the AD department), and what to carry in your set bag (pens, flashlight, wool socks, spare phone battery, and so on). The diverse group got to know each other, sharing their career aspirations and personal goals.

Next, trainees participated in the hands-on exercise of safely unloading a 3 phase rentals grip & electric truck full of gear. Then, to get a more in-depth look into each department, trainees were broken down into smaller groups and rotated through sound, assistant directing, camera, G&E, wardrobe, script supervision, and art department. 

This boot camp was the first to include the exciting addition of the Script Supervision department, an example of a field that needs professionally trained local hires. Each departmental training was led by highly experienced, professional, and inspiring industry professionals, generous and passionate enough to lend their time and give back to the community. Their guidance will directly help our trainees enter an industry that has historically been notoriously difficult to enter. The secret? Working hard and making solid connections with your fellow crew members. Word travels quickly on set, and one job well done often leads directly to the next.

The weekend of learning led up to a climactic on-set experience as trainees formed a real crew and participated in a mock shoot that included professional working actors. Upon wrap, trainees progressed from the role of student into ready to work graduates. The boot camp experience is one where you learn by doing, which we have found to be the most valuable way to train for this industry. 

The Hudson Valley now has a deeper pool of ready-to-work crew members, and just in time, as 2021 has turned out to be the biggest year for film in our area to date. Not only is Stockade Works boot camp back, but so is the production industry, and the positive repercussions will continue to be felt throughout the Hudson Valley. 

We are so grateful to our sponsors of this boot camp, which included Exago, Gotham Sound, 3Phase Rental, Home/Made Hudson, Staples, and Sharaf Photography.

Congratulations and thanks to all who were involved!

Fun fact: Our boot camp had over 60 percent women, 30 percent people of color and over 80 percent received a partial or full scholarship!